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The Most Special Rose: This Wife Didn’t Need Much for Valentine’s Day

While most girls were comparing what gifts they received on Valentine’s Day, this woman in Taiwan was brought to tears when her husband offered her a rose.

Guo Fengxin, 30, and his wife live in Kaohsiung, and got married at the end of 2011 after being in love for two years. Unexpectedly Guo fell into a coma after a car accident early the following year. His wife was pregnant at the time and it was difficult for his mom to move there, so the family suddenly had all sorts of problems, including finances.

However, Guo’s wife did not leave him. Instead she shouldered the burden of maintaining the household, and took care of their newborn baby by herself.

She rode a motorcycle to visit Guo in hospital whenever she had time, and brought their son along. Sometimes she told Guo about the family’s situation and showed him videos of their boy, hoping this would help him wake up some day.

Surprisingly Guo did regain consciousness, and even waved at the nursing staff last October. After months of rehabilitation, Guo could make some simple movements with his eyes and hands, according to Epoch Times.

With the help of his therapist and carers over a 1.5-month training period, Guo managed to slowly raise his left hand and give his wife a rose on the eve of Valentine’s Day.

She was moved to tears, unable to believe that she would ever receive a Valentine’s Day gift again.

She took the rose, and hugged her husband, hoping he will get better soon.

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