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Donnie Yen Holds His Own Against Bruce Lee

Now I’m not sure how realistic the outcome is. Donnie Yen follows in Bruce Lee’s footsteps. The fight wouldn’t last more than a few seconds. One solid backfist and Donnie Yen hits the floor. There wouldn’t be all that blocking. He’s too fast. You wouldn’t know when he’s faking you out and opening you up for a counterattack.

Donnie Yen sees Bruce Lee
Donnie Yen sees Bruce Lee. (Artigo Marcial II/YouTube)

Not to say that Donnie Yen isn’t an accomplished martial artist, but he’s no Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee sees Donnie Yen
Bruce Lee sees Donnie Yen. (Artigo Marcial II/YouTube)

Bruce Lee was very tricky. He could totally pull you into the blow.

Bruce Lee and Donnie Yen face off
Bruce Lee and Donnie Yen face off. (Artigo Marcial II/YouTube)

Not a good position for an average martial artist to be in.

Donnie Yen punch
Donnie Yen goes for the punch. (Artigo Marcial II/YouTube)

You can’t afford to miss or get blocked.

Bruce Lee punch
Bruce Lee counters with a punch. (Artigo Marcial II/YouTube)

The fight pretty much ends here.

Donnie Yen battles
Donnie Yen puts up his guard. (Artigo Marcial II/YouTube)

But Donnie Yen gets back into it.

Donnie Yen dodges Bruce Lee
Donnie Yen dodges Bruce Lee’s kick. (Artigo Marcial II/YouTube)

He avoids further punishment.

Donnie Yen kicks Bruce Lee
Donnie Yen kicks Bruce Lee. (Artigo Marcial II/YouTube)

And throws some back at Bruce.

Donnie Yen goes for kick
Donnie Yen goes in for more. (Artigo Marcial II/YouTube)

Is Bruce going to let this happen?

Donnie Yen punches Bruce Lee
Donnie Yen punches Bruce Lee. (Artigo Marcial II/YouTube)

How long can this last?

Donnie Yen high kicks Bruce Lee
Donnie Yen goes for the high kick. (Artigo Marcial II/YouTube)

Now you’ve done it. He’s had enough. Are you ready for this?

Bruce Lee revenge
Bruce Lee has had enough. (Artigo Marcial II/YouTube)

Get ready for the final clash.

Double jump kick
Who’ll win this one? (Artigo Marcial II/YouTube)


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