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Young Painter’s ‘Ballpoint Pen Art’ Wows Thousands of Bloggers (Photos)

If you’ve ever been a student, you must have experience of doodling on textbooks with a pen during boring lectures. The simple color and lines hardly make a masterpiece in your own eyes, but you might be wrong.

A young Chinese man posted his ballpoint pen paintings on Weibo, and really impressed everyone who saw them. The pictures got shared about 20,000 times, and received almost 30,000 likes.

With only two colors—blue and red—the young artist from Shanxi Province created extraordinary works. His paintings are filled with traditional Chinese elements like the Summer Palace, ancient gates, and stone alleys,.

As ballpoint pen ink can’t be wiped off, this painting medium imposes strict requirements on the artist. Each stroke is not reversible. Painters must put in long and meticulous effort; it takes huge amounts of patience.

A Weibo blogger commented:

I am bowing down in awe of these professional skills!

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