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Obama Cybercrime Assault: Whoops, Clear Your Cache Now

President Obama addresses concerns over America’s increasing cybersecurity problem.

He’s fed up with attacks on U.S. consumers and organizations.

He put forward three major goals:

  1. To establish a front line of defense against today’s immediate threats
  2. To defend against the full spectrum of threats
  3. To strengthen the future cybersecurity environment and proposed 12 initiatives, some of them really draconian, that will seriously erode your freedom.

Initiative #1. Manage the Federal Enterprise Network as a single network enterprise with Trusted Internet Connections.

Initiative #2. Deploy an intrusion detection system of sensors across the Federal enterprise.

Initiative #3. Pursue deployment of intrusion prevention systems across the Federal enterprise.

Initiative #4: Coordinate and redirect research and development (R&D) efforts.

Initiative #5. Connect current cyber ops centers to enhance situational 

Initiative #6. Develop and implement a government-wide cyber counterintelligence (CI) plan.

Initiative #7. Increase the security of our classified networks.

Initiative #8. Expand cyber education.

Initiative #9. Define and develop enduring “leap-ahead” technology, strategies, and programs.

Initiative #10. Define and develop enduring deterrence strategies and programs.

Initiative #11. Develop a multi-pronged approach for global supply chain risk management.

Initiative #12. Define the Federal role for extending cybersecurity into critical infrastructure domains.

Who is really going to be affected by these proposals, in my opinion it won’t be the big-time cybercrims and gangs, they all live protected in other countries.

Dear reader, it is likely to be you and I who may inadvertantly click on some torrent thingy, or a cleverly disguised tweet, and find ourselves facing racketeering charges.

Or we might innocently look at something on a website run by government counterintelligence agent.

No doubt there will be administrative structures put in place to police all the cybercrime, but the big guys are too hard to catch.

The responsible body has to justify it’s existence somehow, so it will seek softer targets. That’s us.

Now, we all dislike cybercrime, it’s morally indefensible, but racketeering laws can put someone away for 20 years without so much as a trial.

 More laws restrict all of us more, they don’t just affect the original targeted individuals.

Vision Times Staff
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