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Why Don’t Our Twin Babies Look Alike? Wait… What?

Turns out there’s more than one secret behind this strange story that happened in Zhejiang Province.

Zhou Gang, a businessman in Yiwu, welcomed twin sons into his family in September.

Although he was happy about the newborn babies, he realized the twins looked different:

The elder son had double-fold eyelids, while younger son had single-fold ones like Zhou’s and the boys’ mom.

He decided to get a paternity test, and the results were surprising: The younger boy was his son, but the elder one wasn’t. So the twins have the same mom but different dads!

Dr. Chengshan Lee told Apple Daily that this sort of situation is very rare, and only has a one-in-a-million chance.

She explained: “Normally, a woman’s body releases one egg per month, but there are cases where they release two. If a woman has sex with different men while ovulating, then it’s possible the different sperm can fertilize both eggs, and she would have twins with different fathers.”

Zhou admitted that the kids’ mom is not his wife, so his mistress cheated on him. Sounds like a strange form of payback!


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