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Anyone Planning to Drink This New Year’s Eve Needs to Watch This Video

It’s that time of year again—New Year’s Eve. Among other things, this means lots of celebrating, lots of parties, and lots of drinking.

It’s time for people who drink to do so responsibly, and not drive their cars afterwards.

According to U.S. Department of Transportation statistics: “Every 2-hours, three people are killed in alcohol-related highway crashes.”

And of course, many more are injured, often critically. A lot of times, the drunk driver escapes serious injury or death, while the victims of his or her reckless actions are either killed or seriously injured.

John Seaman posted this video in 2012, but it’s unfortunately just as relative today as it was back then. His daughter Kellie ended up a vegetable in a hospital bed for 391 days, being unable to communicate or comprehend anything until she passed away, all due to a drunk driver.

While the driver received a sentence of 10 years, Kellie is now dead, the family received a life sentence of suffering, and things will never be the same.

Drinking and driving is not a joke—the potential consequences of such irresponsible behavior are beyond comprehension. How many more people must needlessly die from such irresponsible behavior before this is taken seriously?

The life you save may not only be your own, but the lives of friends or family members, or even complete strangers.

John’s message is simple—don’t drink and drive.

So please don’t drink and drive so that everyone can have a Happy New Year!

John Andress
Having had many eclectic experiences and expressing interest in so many varied things in life has suited my role as Editor-in-Chief of Vision Times. Being trained in the sciences, I worked in the medical field. Scuba diving was a passion, being part owner of a scuba shop, and I enjoyed diving around the world. Raising reptiles of all sorts, including poisonous snakes, was also one of my hobbies when living in the U.S. After moving to Australia in the 80s, I became an avid organic grower of tropical fruits and vegetables, which my wife and I partake of year-round, as well as many of our friends. My newest endeavor has been to become a “bikie” — an eBikie, which I do every day not only to get exercise, but also to have a break from slaving over my computer most of the day. Obviously, China is also a passion, which is something VT specializes in, so I feel very fortunate to have a role here at Vision Times.

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