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These BMX Bikers Do Impossible Things on a Beautiful Forest Bike Ramp

After you finish wondering how someone can learn to do amazing bike tricks among nature and tall trees, just have a look at who these riders are.

Not sure if these are ordinary humans or not. Drew Bezanson is from the island-province of Nova Scotia, Canada. He’s 25 years-old, and has seen his success on a steady rise in bike competitions. Morgan Wade is a 31-year-old BMXer from Texas. He’s had amazing performances in X Games competition.

Imagine if Tarzan rode BMX in the forest. That’s what these guys are.

Together they form an unstoppable forest BMX duo. They designed this ramp in a forest of South Wales, in the United Kingdom. They did it with the help of a UK design firm.

People can do anything on a bike these days. Did you catch that tree action? What would be even better is a ramp suspended in the treetops.

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