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‘Save-Face Action’ by Tourists: Take Nothing but Memories When Leaving

This is an open letter from Chinese guests now pasted on the notice board of a hotel. Why did they write it?

During their trip to Europe in December, a tour group from China saw an announcement written in simplified Chinese characters on the notice board of Comfort Hotel in Paris, reminding visitors not to take keys or pillows, with the prices of both attached.

They felt very ashamed, and decided to take some ‘save-face actions.’

After discussion, they asked a reporter to write an open letter to tourists from China, advocating “civilized tourism.” They hoped that this way the hotel would remove the notice.

Titled “Except memories, do not take anything away,” the letter said: “This warning to China’s people makes us feel embarrassed. It feels like sitting on pins and needles. Although only a minority of our compatriots do this, it has brought shame to all of China’s people. As long as this warning exists, China’s people will be ashamed.”

It added: “In other countries, we represent China. A tiny bit of uncivilized behavior by us could bring a huge, irretrievable negative impact to Chinese people’s image.”

And it offered a suggestion at the end:

Kindly bring nothing but good images when you check in.

Take nothing but wonderful memories when you check out.

The hotel agreed to take down the notice, and replace it with the one provided by the Chinese tourists.

The manager said: “Tourists form other countries also take away keys sometimes, but only Chinese people take away pillows. We just wanted to kindly remind them,” he explained, according to NTDTV.

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