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Mom Covers Boobs So Her Adult Son Won’t See, Now She’s Protecting Us All

A 22-year-old man just posted this photo of his mother censoring a booby scene during a family movie night over the holidays. Yeah, his mom still does that, and we love it.

Enter the Reddit photoshop battle-ers, and we have ourselves a new superhero “Censor Mom,” saving our innocent minds from one inappropriate thing at a time, with a bath towel.

Super hero Censor Mom’s catch phrase? “What’s been seen cannot be unseen!”

No Kim, we don't need to see that. (Screenshot/Youtube)
No Kim, we don’t need to see that. Censor Mom un-breaking the internet. (Reddit)

Note: Despite Censor Mom trying her best to cover up Miley Cyrus, it still wasn’t enough safety for this article. What’s been seen cannot be unseen.


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