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Here’s What Concerns a Geoengineering Scientist About His Job

Dr Watson from Bristol University says we should be wary of interfering with nature on a planetary scale—known as geoengineering.
It involves changing our planet to counteract effects of climate change.

‘Personally, this stuff terrifies me,’ he says.

“Whilst it is clear that temperatures could be reduced during deployment, the potential for misstep is considerable.

“By identifying risks, we hope to contribute to the evidence base around geoengineering that will determine whether deployment, in the face of the threat of climate change, has the capacity to do more good than harm.”

But he added that it would be “unethical” not to try the technology.

“If we ever deploy these technologies, it will be the closest indication yet that we’ve failed as planetary stewards.

“But there is a point at which not deploying some technologies would be unethical.

“It’s a watershed for our relationship with the Earth and with nature. It fundamentally changes the way 7 billion people are going to interact with the world, and I’m not sure the system is going to be controllable in the way we want.”

The second guest interviewed has a totally different take on the issue.

The video is an hour long but poses some real questions, and reading between the lines, one can have no doubt that polluting the atmosphere is deliberately going on.

What do you think?


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