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Watch This Hollywood Special Effects Expert Bring Groot to Life

Groot was cool in the movie. He didn’t know how to say much, but what he did say, he meant. This swinging statue brings forth his gentle giant character.

The head sculptor, Tim Baker, is a Hollywood special effects and props artist. He obviously knows what he’s doing and has been doing it for 20 years. He’s got other cool projects at his art page.

I was among the legions impressed by the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. I had a passing familiarity with the comic book, but the movie did a great job.

Groot Head Cast
Making Groot’s head. (AWE me/YouTube)

Groot Swing torso
Groot stands tall. (AWE me/YouTube)

Groot swing
This is what backyards were made for. (AWE me/YouTube)

And as Guardians of the Galaxy fever can only get hotter with the Marvel movies to come in the new year, here we have a life-size Groot to hold us over.

If only I could place this in my front yard. That would be really cool. A great way to welcome guests and neighbors. I’d be out there all day swinging.

Groot, everybody’s favorite tree-man, becomes an elegant backyard amusement.

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