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Oh My Poor Big Baby, Why Are You Crying on the Road?

This gentle hippo was seen crying on the streets of Taiwan. Was he feeling emotional or just helpless?

He fell off a truck in Miaoli on Dec. 26, breaking a leg and a tooth, and was stranded for several hours.

It looked so painful: The hippo was lying in the road with tears streaming from his eyes.

Onlookers felt sorry for him, and some stood there waiting until vets arrived to assist the injured animal.

Ah-he was stuck on the ground waiting for help. (Image: Sina News)

Turns out the hippo’s name was Ah-he. He weighed about 2 tons, was 18 years old, and had a soft personality. He lived at Tianma Ranch in Taichung for a long time, but needed to be moved elsewhere temporarily due to pool renovations.

The driver told police that he hit the brakes when the hippo started moving around and shaking the truck. Unfortunately, poor Ah-he was thrown out of the vehicle in the process!

Authorities said the incident may have violated animal protection laws, and the owner would be fined NT$75,000 ($2,363), according to NTDTV.

Fortunately Ah-he was given surgery, and moved to his new home with warm water the next day.

Milky tears rolled down again from his eyes when he was immersed after the tiring journey.

Ah-he seemed to cry with joy when he finally went back in the water. (Image: Apple Daily)

While everyone was relieved and happy to hear this, Ah-he was found submerged in the water, and passed away early on Dec. 29. Many were sad and surprised. The cause of his death is being investigated, according to NEXTTV.

R.I.P. poor Ah-he!

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