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Not Again! What Could Have Happened to AirAsia’s Flight?

It’s more than odd, and it’s tragically sad, that a third Malaysia-based passenger jet has gone down this year.

If you somehow haven’t heard, an:

AirAsia Airbus disappeared over the Java Sea an hour into its flight on Sunday morning.

There were 162 people on board the flight which left Indonesia and was meant to arrive in Singapore.

There were no distress calls from the plane but the pilot’s last radio call was to make a request to fly above bad weather which was denied.

The above video from the BBC goes through a range of scenarios that could have downed the flight.

This tragedy is hopefully the last in a year which has been relatively grim for air travel in general, especially for Malaysia’s aviation industry.

Prior to the AirAsia Airbus disappearance, Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 vanished with all 239 people on board somewhere over the South China Sea.

Following that, Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 was shot down over eastern Ukraine. There were no survivors and 298 people perished.

See the video below for a one minute look at how awful 2014 was for air safety.


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