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Subway Rage: Passenger Totally Loses It After a Misunderstanding

Wow, I wouldn’t like to be on the receiving end of this woman’s temper.

Imagine what could happen if she got upset by something that was actually important!

The incident took place on the Shenzhen Metro late on Dec. 20 when her sister (let’s call her “Baseball Cap”) asked the woman at the sales office for a child’s ticket. The assistant thought she wanted a regular ticket, and told her to use the machines, Sohu News reported.

However, Basecall Cap was unable to get a ticket there, and angrily returned to the office to have words with the assistant.

As things got more heated, Baseball Cap and her sister (let’s call her Black Backpack) began throwing things into the office (see 9″ and 55″), and other staff came over to see what all the fuss was about.

Then Black Backpack completely lost it, and broke into the office to physically attack the assistant, starting at 1’30”. (Note that Black Backpack had already ditched said bag in a fit of anger).

She pushed the assistant onto the floor, threw a metal chair at her, kicked her, and topped it all off with a conveniently placed bucket of water.

The victim has reportedly been paid 5,000 yuan (about $800) in compensation by Black Backpack… All that over a measly ticket!

For me one of the funniest parts of the video is when Baseball Cap slinks off as she sees Black Backpack starting the attack, and looks around to see if anyone notices that it’s her fault for kicking off the whole episode.

Another amusing part is how it says Merry Christmas across the ticket office window, but the women are too busy dismantling the display to make weapons out of it.

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