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The Lakers Become an Unstoppable Force With Kobe Sitting Out

The Lakers showed they are not a bad team after all. This is the best they have looked all season, and they did it with Kobe Bryant sitting out. This says something about Byron Scott more than it does about Kobe Bryant. After all, he’s the theoretical coach:

All that talent was just waiting to reveal itself in Kobe’s absence. The Warriors are the best team in the NBA right now, while the Lakers have stayed among the worst. Yet look at how easily they pick apart the Warriors offense and skewer their defense. It’s like a bottle of wine that just shot its cork. The talent is flowing out.

Coach Scott, are you going to continue to give Kobe massive minutes just to protect his ego? The Lakers should take the hint. Maybe they can use Kobe, but they don’t need him as a starting player. What they really need is…Kobe as coach. Since that is already the role he plays. Things need to change fast in LA. But the Lakers management doesn’t want to. They’re too scared or too stupid to take anything away from the man who made the Lakers what they used to be. Is it really worth it if they have to bring the whole team down? What’s so much better about Kobe than any other Laker that he deserves such a privilege?

But is there anyone in Lakers management who is willing to give Mr. Bryant the memo? Is anyone there living in reality? Then do something to save this team. And do a little more to heed the insinuations Nick Young made after the game.

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