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Say What?! Italian Circus Disguises Dogs, Calls Them Pandas

You may have heard of the Chinese zoo that tried passing off a caged Tibetan mastiff dog as a lion but now a circus in northern Italy has disguised dogs and called them pandas.

The circus painted black patches on the ears and backs of two white Chow Chow puppies, reported Italian newspaper Corriere della Sierra.

According to Fox, the Police said the circus owners told any doubtful customers that the animals were half-panda, half-dog hybrids.

The owners of the circus have been arrested says ABC News but not before dozens of people had paid to pose with the two ‘pandas’.

As one online commenter said:

“It’s a ruff business… LOL.”

James Burke
What keeps the world ticking? James is always looking for the answer and the latest news from around the globe. When he's not behind his computer, he's basking in the Thailand sun, or dreaming of the southern hemisphere, where he grew up in rural Australia.

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