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Incredible! Clouds and Fog Frozen to the Roofs of Mountaintop Houses

This town in Slovenia is a place I’d like to visit while inside of a heated, transparent bubble.


Not sure where I’d go or what I’d do, but there’s bound to be some kind of ice skating rink.

A central European mountaintop where clouds freeze, wind freezes, and life is ice.

I’d head up there to the mountaintops and discover all these hidden wonders of nature, while still kind of being separated from it all.

Even the trees here grow ice for leaves.

I would feel just like Elsa the snow queen from Frozen. I’d be surrounded by ice but unaffected by it.

Do people actually live here? I mean, besides snowmen and ice people, do real human beings live here somewhere? Maybe they only come out during summer.

How am I going to use my electric heater without disrupting all this natural beauty?

Imagine growing up in a town like this. Everybody would think you’re so cool. But they’d also be pretty cool.

Not sure how you’d climb this one.

Nature hides these wonders in the most hard to reach places. And photographer Marko Korosec knows just how to find them. Not sure how he got up here, being that everything is icy and slippery, but sure glad he did.

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