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2-Year-Old Boy Was Killed by His Mother’s Lover

A great tragedy earlier this month led to the death of a little boy in China

Chichi, the 2-year old boy in the photo, was a sweet, healthy child. When the story broke, people were shocked to hear that someone could kill a child in such a cruel way.

When Chichi’s father learned that his son was unwell on Dec. 16, he immediately went home, according to Vista. He was working in Algeria at the time, and by the time he got back it turned out his son was actually dead. The distraught father found the child’s body covered in bruises, but the mother said Chichi died in his sleep. After repeated questioning, she finally admitted that her lover Cui had killed the child.

The police investigation revealed that Chichi’s mother had an affair while her husband was overseas. Cui had a bad temper, and he said during his confession that he had killed the child simply because he was crying.

Bloggers on Weibo were shocked by his brutality, and heavily criticized the pair, saying:

The mother and her lover should be sentenced to death!

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