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What’s All This Fuss About ‘Doctor Selfies’? Here’s the Other Side of the Story (Photos)

Taking selfies to celebrate a special occasion sounds harmless enough, but once they leak online, be prepared for all sorts of comments to surface!

Recently, five photos triggered heated criticism among Chinese bloggers because they showed what looked like a group of doctors and nurses enjoying themselves in the operating theater while the patient was under anesthesia. Some of them had even removed their surgical masks.

The pictures upset a lot of people, and many said the staff were being totally irresponsible. Some Internet users with medical backgrounds also pointed out that it’s prohibited to remove surgical masks in the operating theater.

Xiaoxu Zheng, the surgeon in the photo, made a public apology on Dec. 22, while also explaining what had actually happened to reporters with Huashang.

She said the patient was a 40-year-old worker, whose leg was seriously injured, and at risk of amputation. Zheng and her team went through a complicated seven-hour procedure, and finally managed to save his leg.

The team were really happy about the success of the operation, and also it was the last-ever surgery in the old theater they had used for 10 years. The next day they were moving to a new one.

So once they finished the patient’s plaster cast, and were about to take him out of the room, they took the photos that caused the uproar. She said:

We were all tired. We just wanted to take photo of that special moment.

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