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Hello! North Korea’s Internet Has GONE DOWN

Internet! What Internet?

It appears that a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack has brought down North Korea’s Internet.

DDoS attack scotches North Korea’s Internet.

It began with sporadic outages on Friday and got worse over the weekend; by Monday North Korea had no Internet.

Last week the FBI blamed Kim Jong-Un’s regime for the Sony Pictures hack and resulting blackout of the film The Interview.

North Korea has agressively denied being involved in the Sony hacking.

North Korea’s Internet protocol addresses are managed by Star Joint Venture, the state-run Internet provider, which routes many of those connections through China Unicom, China’s state-owned telecommunications company.

One wonders if China or the U.S. might be involved.

China, for one, recently announced an investigation into North Korea’s role in the Sony Pictures hack despite being a potential partner.

As a researcher from CloudFlare told The Times: North Korea’s network is “toast.”

Most won’t even notice as the Internet is really only available to the elite, the propaganda department, and the military.

Meanwhile, Sony has found some courage and struck a blow against its North Korean tormentors saying that it would release the satiric comedy on Christmas Day after all.


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