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What’s the Poorest-Quality Product Made in China? The Answer Will Surprise You

It’s worse than tainted milk, gutter oil, poisonous rice, and even more polluted than the air, but what on earth is it?

This article has been widely shared online by Chinese media in recent years, claiming China’s education system is the poorest quality product in China. Below is our translation.

The biggest sin of all is that it produces a large number of “nerd sticks” without any creative ability or thinking skills, whose understanding of humanity is messy, mechanical, and one-sided.

What’s the cause?

The secret of how China’s education system destroys students is: Asking them to memorize lots of “fragmented knowledge.”

As proven by modern studies, any fragmented knowledge needs to be organized rationally, and constructed systematically. Only then can it show its power; otherwise, not only can it not bring any benefit to people, but it will become a heavy burden on their brain.

The problem of China’s education is that it doesn’t provide thinking tools with logical consistency (like philosophy, logic, critical thinking, or religious knowledge). China’s education doesn’t even tell students these tools exist, but instead tricks them into spending lots of energy and time to get standardized answers, which is extremely barbaric and evil. This is why many so-called “knowledgeable people” in China are not recognized as scholars internationally.

Moreover, many answers to the mysteries of humankind itself can only be found in religion and philosophy. Religion answers the ultimate value of the existence of human, while philosophy brings about self-reflection on human behavior and thought. However, China’s education system doesn’t give students any choice related to these two subjects.

When talking to some Chinese college students or graduates, you’ll find that there’s not much difference between them and elementary school students… because their way of thinking and understanding of the world are actually the same, which is extremely sad.

Without the process of thinking and understanding, they become slaves of knowledge rather than its masters.

China’s education has nothing to do with creativity, emotion, and humanity. The harm to students is life-long. Since 1949, China has has no access to the Nobel Prize in the field of natural sciences. Such a great country and the biggest population in the world without any contribution to human civilization.

China’s education system is just a crazy game!

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