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Finding Pleasure in Pain: The Manly Nature of Eating Spicy Food

I started liking spicy food only after being introduced to it by some friends I used to know. After various types of spicy food, I began to enjoy the challenge. Then I developed a taste for it. And then a love for it. And now I can deal with some pretty spicy food.


Sichuan spicy fish soup
Spicy fish soup from Sichuan, China, a place known for burning hot food. (Image: avlxyz)

The spice doesn’t overwhelm my taste buds, as it used to. I enjoy the flavor of the spice itself, and any other flavors sitting around and under it. Of course, there’s a limit to it. There’s a point that it gets so spicy that the meal becomes miserable. Miserable to me, but not to the person across from me with a dedicated love for flaming hot chilies.

My life changed when I started eating spicy.

Turns out there’s a lot of health benefits to spicy food. It seems to wake up the body and keep things at peak functioning.

So there’s your excuse to go out and expand your capacity for something spicy… and spicy doesn’t have to mean nasty.

biting chili pepper
How much heat can you take? (Image:wstryder)

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