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One Last Hug: What This Man Did on a Cold Night Is Heartbreaking

“I’m not cold, I want to hold her for a while,” he said at the tragic scene in North East China late on Dec. 17.

It was the coldest day of winter so far at -11°F in Shenyang. An old lady fell on the street with a sudden heart attack. Despite receiving first aid from a passerby, she passed away.

Her husband rushed to the scene 10 minutes later. He sat on the ground and held her body in his arms, trying to give her some warmth.

Sitting in the freezing cold, the old man held his wife close for two hours, even though she’d stopped breathing.

Onlookers were deeply moved by the scene, and formed a circle around him, trying to shelter the couple from the wind, NTDTV reported.

When his son arrived to take mom home, the old man finally agreed to go, murmuring: “I told you not to and you still wanted to go out, but then how could you just leave…”


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