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What? People in East China Work 30 Hours Per Day?

Is this an IQ test? How could anyone believe a report saying staff do more than 24 hours a day?

The piece was actually from last year, but recently went viral online. This Weibo user posted a screenshot of state media CCTV’s news broadcast, showing a street worker in HangzhouZhejiang Province, saying she “works about 200 hours” every week.

He pointed out that the television station was creating its own fake news AGAIN!

Many bloggers commented on this:

  • “This is CCTV from another planet.”
  • “LOL, that station is so stupid. Weren’t they suspicious of interviewing someone who works 30 hours a day?”
  • “Ironically, after the 1976 incident at Tiananmen Square, and the fake self-immolation case in 2001, this media that helps the wicked Chinese Communist Party didn’t even ‘improve’ its lying skills, but regressed to the point of making up stories that even elementary school kids laugh at.”
  • “Well, it’s often said that those who lie frequently will eventually get confused by their own lies.”
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