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What Did This Boy Say About China’s President Xi That Scared Censors?

A 9-year-old boy’s school report on China‘s president got so widely shared on social media that the Internet police deleted it.

Niu Ziru from Zhengzhou in Henan Province wrote a letter to Xi Jinping as part of a science project on the space industry.

In the message, the fourth grader told “Xi Dada” that China should plan a mission to Mars. “America and Russia—even the European Union and India—are all planning to go to Mars. Let’s hurry up.”

But it was what he said later on that caused all the trouble. Ziru changed to what he called a “lighter subject,” describing the Chinese Communist Party chief as “just a little bit fat.”

He wrote:

Xi Dada, you could lose some weight. You don’t have to be skinny like Obama. Just like Vladimir Putin would be ok.

Although Ziru didn’t actually send the letter, his dad thought it was funny and put a photo of it on the messaging service WeChat. It then got discovered by Zhengzhou Evening News after being shared by many bloggers who thought it was hilarious.

Of course, government censors didn’t find it at all funny, and the Zhengzhou Evening News report has since disappeared, along with ones published by other media that covered the story.

Although the Chinese government does have plans for a Mars mission in 2020, it seems unlikely a diet is on the cards for Xi with all the effort he’s already been putting into his image as a powerful leader.



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