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Is This a Shelter for the Homeless or a Garbage Dump? (Photos)

Bloggers in China have been talking about a government-run homeless shelter in Henan Province which is meant to be a “relief and assistance station” for beggars and vagrants.

These photos were taken at the center in Gushi County, where young boys get tied to trees to stop them running around, and residents sleep on hay or wooden crates in filthy rooms. In winter, people have to cover themselves up with trash to keep warm because there aren’t enough quilts.

One of the pictures even showed a dead body left outside, covered with a sheet.

This facility is part of a national network that is meant to provide food, accommodation, medical care, and assistance with contacting relatives or work units to rehome people. In fact there are only two elderly staff who work there.

Netizens expressed their disgust at the poor conditions. Here are some of the comments:

  • If they’re homeless, set them free—no need to tie them up. If this is a relief center, I would rather go begging for money and be free.
  • That is why people would rather go begging than stay at a garbage station.
  • The government gave African countries millions, but for our own kids they can barely give anything. Shame on you!
  • If it is a government-run center, where does the money go? To whose pocket if not to better equip the center… ?

After the bad situation was exposed, local authorities reportedly sent 10 beds and some new bedding to the center on Dec. 12.

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