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I May Be The Last Dali Lama (Video)

The Dali Lama told the BBC this week that he may be the last person to hold the title. Tibet’s exiled spiritual leader thinks the traditional religious role, which has existed since the 15th century, should cease after his death given the current situation.

His reasoning is to prevent a ‘stupid’ successor who would embarrass the title and the Tibetan religion.

That comment made, towards the end of above video, refers to the fact that China’s atheist communist authorities want to name the next successor.

It should be noted that the process to determine the Dali Lama is not an arbitrary one, and Tibetan Buddhists believe that the soul of a senior Lama is reincarnated after his death.

But Chinese authorities say the tradition must continue, despite denouncing the current leader of Tibetan Buddhism.

In fact, the communist authorities were responsible for the 1995 kidnapping of the Panchen Lama and his entire family, then appointed their own Panchen which wasn’t recognized by the religion.

Does it make much sense?

Sounds like another case of the communist authorities being control freaks.

In the above BBC interview the Dali Lama also talks about:

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