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Russian Military Found What Appears to Be a Small Crashed UFO (Video)

This is footage from one of four reels of film recently obtained in Russia of what is possibly a small crashed UFO being filmed and inspected by the Russian military at the behest of the KGB, which means the event occurred before the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Judging by the number of Russian military present, including the KGB, there was a great deal of interest in this object.

There were two cameramen present, one filming with a handheld camera from a Russian military truck, and the other filming with a camera on a tripod on the ground.

The object is half buried in the frozen ground, but this film doesn’t show what is behind or inside this object, nor does it depict the removal of the object.

The Russian government and military have been interested in UFOs and the paranormal for many years, so it’s not surprising they were curious about this object.

So what is this object and where was it taken?

Maybe the answer will be found in other reels of Russian film.

John Andress
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