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Little White Rose Tribute at Sydney Siege Site (Photos)

On my way to meet a mate, and gonna drop a rose at Martin Place later.

I wanted to buy the pretty white rose from the florist next to the entrance of Central Station. I asked the florist if many people had been buying flowers for the Martin Place incident. She said yes. I then said to her that on this occasion, she probably hoped she wouldn’t be selling those flowers, and she nodded in agreement. A number of florists sold out within minutes, as the response was overwhelming.

Florist next to Central Station. (Image: Brad Toh/Vision Times)
Florist next to Central Station. (Image: Brad Toh/Vision Times)

When she was done wrapping my rose, she asked if I’d like a card. I thought for a second and said nah, put my hand on my heart, and just shrugged.

I gave her the money and she pushed it back. She gave it to me for free. She was touched. And I was surprised. But this is how Aussies are, particularly at times like this.

About 300 people lined up to pay tribute to the victims of Martin Place. In these photos, I think the few people inside the barricade standing next to the flowers are friends and relatives.

My little pretty white rose drowned by all the bigger ones... @Martin Place (Image: Brad Toh/Vision Times)
My little pretty white rose drowned by all the bigger ones… at Martin Place (Image: Brad Toh/Vision Times)

Here’s the background story of the crazy gunman, Man Haron Monis, who murdered two innocent civilians. My heart goes out to the families of the victims. What a nightmare it must be for them, especially just before Christmas. I hope there won’t be a repeat of anything like this, not only here in Australia, but anywhere else in the world.

(Image: Brad Toh/Vision Times)
The Lindt Chocolate Café is located in Martin Place, a busy shopping area in Sydney’s financial district. (Image: Brad Toh/Vision Times)

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