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93-Year-Old Former Nazi Guard at Auschwitz Will Stand Trial

A 93-year-old former member of the SS will go on trial early next year for his crimes at the infamous concentration camp Auswitz.

Oskar Groening may be the last man to ever stand trial for crimes against humanity at Auchwitz. He was charged in September of 300,000 counts of accessory to murder.

Groening is accused of helping the Nazi reign economically by being the handler for stolen belongings from concentration camp victims. Groening was  a guard at Auschwitz for two years, but the crimes he’s being charged with relate to the time period of May 16 to July 11, 1944.

Seventy years after committing these crimes Groening will have to answer for them.

Groening claims that he was at Auschwitz at that time, but was not involved in systematic murders and only guarded the luggage of those arriving to the camp on the transport trains.

The trial of the 93-year-old will begin in spring 2015.

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