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Why Is This Restaurant Giving Free Meals to Obese Men and Skinny Women?

Bring your overweight or underweight friends, and eat for free! This restaurant in Chongqing, China, is offering discounts based on your weight.

Na Huo eatery in Jiangbei District first weighs customers, and then prices meals according to the scales. For men, the heavier they are, the cheaper their food, while for women, the less they weigh, the bigger the discounts they get.

Men over 370 pounds and women under 91 pounds will get a meal for free.

The conditions are:

  1. Only applicable for adults
  2. Applies for meals worth 888 yuan ($143) or less in total
  3. Excluding drinks and crab.

So how many people have eaten for free so far?

Restaurant manager Li Lyu said: “We did a survey beforehand. There are almost no adult females less than 91 pounds. And men over 370 pounds are rare as well,” which means only a few people can get free meals, but the restaurant has gotten attention and gained a lot of customers because of the new deal, NTDTV reported.

The promotion began on Dec. 6, and will continue til the end of the month.

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