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This Guy Invents Cheap, DIY Hoverboard Using Leafblowers

A skateboard which floats off the ground using leafblowers. The concept is simple. Why didn’t I think of it?

Tony Hawk’s hoverboard earlier this year used more sophisticated, and much more expensive technology to get a hover. But this leafblower hoverboard blows it away.

Hoverboards are becoming even more practical, and cheap to build.

Not only has Ryan Craven invented and built this awesome ride, he wants to let you build one too. He shows you all the steps and materials you need on his website.

There has been no small fascination with bringing hoverboards to reality ever since 1989’s Back to the Future Part II showed people the possibility of a futuristic skateboard. And in 2014, maybe we finally have one, and it was simpler than we thought. And even more effective than the $10,000 hoverboard which Tony Hawk rode this year.

Dude needs more practice to ride it, but seems pretty smooth to me. I don’t think this will take the place of conventional skateboards unless they invent a new set of tricks which are hover friendly.

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