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This Definitely Isn’t a Good Reason for Opening the Emergency Exit on a Plane

We all know that planes can feel stuffy and claustrophobic, but a man in East China took things a bit too far.

Southern News reported on Dec. 15 that a 50-year-old male passenger opened the emergency exit on Xiamen Airlines flight MF8453 before take-off from Hangzhou to Chengdu.

He simply opened the door, and stuck his head out of the plane.

When the flight crew asked what he was doing, he replied: “I just wanted to get some fresh air.”

Staff managed to quickly repair the exit, and moved the man to another seat, allowing the plane to take off on time.

Some flight attendants told the reporter that opening the safety exit recklessly is a violation of the law, and he will be fined about $1,500.

There are no reports yet confirming how the passenger will be punished, but it will surely be a very expensive breath.

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