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A 20-Year-Old Bruce Lee Exists in Afghanistan

Afghanistan has had a rough time these past years. But out of the rubble of Kabul emerges a Bruce Lee clone who looks and moves like the beloved martial arts star.

His real name is Abbas Alizada, and he’s wanted to be Bruce Lee since he was young. With his striking resemblance and martial arts training, he’s on his way.

Has the world gained another Bruce Lee?

Bruce Lee died in 1973, when he was only 32. Since then, his popularity has faded only slightly. Bruce Lee amazed the world during his career. There hasn’t been another martial arts action star to achieve his level of success.

Yes, there’s Jet Li and Donnie Yen, but they still haven’t gained quite the worldwide acclaim that Bruce Lee held. And Donnie Yen’s biggest hits, movies about Yip Man, are popular because of their relevance to the life of Bruce Lee anyway.

I’d say the Afghan Bruce Lee still has a long way to go skillwise, if he wants to match the Little Dragon, but with a new Bruce Lee on the horizon, he could easily enamor fans as the action star that everybody hoped to see again.

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