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This Timelapse Video of Sunspot AR 2192 Is Awesome

Our Sun is awe-inspiring—it’s like a gigantic living, breathing entity.

From Oct. 14-30, AR 2192, the largest sunspot observed for the past 24 years, could be seen from the Earth. The sunspot was around 80,000 miles wide, about the same diameter as Jupiter, and produced massive X-class and M-class solar flares

This animated video, composed of more than 17,000 images and 72 GB of data from the Solar Dynamics Observatory, plats at the rate of 52,5 minutes per second, condensing 16.5 days into under 8 minutes. The animation has been rotated 180 degrees so that south is “up.”

The sound you hear is the “heartbeat” of the Sun, which is processed from SOHO HMI data.

What caused this sunspot to become so gigantic?

Scientists don’t really know—it’s just another of the Sun’s great mysteries.

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