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The Future’s Here Now: This Bracelet Turns Your Arm Into Touch Screen Tablet

Smartphones, tablets, smart watches—these are all ancient history now.


The future is (nearly) here in the form of the Cicret Bracelet.

This is the most advanced technology to date, like something out of a sci-fi movie.

Developed by French startup company Cicret, the bracelet projects electronic images onto your forearm, basically turning your skin’s surface into a touchscreen Android tablet.

The bracelet has a projector and eight sensors, which are designed to monitor and process finger movements, such as swipes and taps. The sensors also activate the device, which you turn on by flicking your wrist.

Among the many standard features, such as email and web access, the bracelet will offer an accelerometer and a Micro USB port, and will be WiFi and Bluetooth ready. A small LED is installed for notification purposes, although you can also opt to have the bracelet vibrate for alerts.

But perhaps the best feature is there is no screen to shatter, saving you any worries about dropping the device.

Cicret has been developing this device for nearly a year, and will release the first prototype at the end of December.

The bracelet will come in 10 colors and two versions, 16 GB and 32 GB. They plan to have the final product in stores within the next year and a half.

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