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It’s Time for These Wiggling King Penguins to Move House (Video)

Do you know how penguins in zoos move to another pen? Interestingly, they need to be ordered based on their personalities!

These King penguins in Taipei Zoo are moving to a new enclosure so the Penguin House air-conditioning system and brine pipeline can be renovated.

Although the distance was only about 0.01 miles or less than three minutes, thorough preparation was needed, including a barrier-free road.

King penguins tend to move together following the “lead penguin,” so choosing the right leader was vital. It must have these three basic characteristics:

  • Stays calm, and doesn’t get easily agitated.
  • Experience moving between different rooms
  • A good understanding of the babysitter’s thoughts

The moment the door opened, the chosen leader—mother penguin Mei Guai—immediately walked out and her new chick Du Pang soon followed. They didn’t look at all afraid of new things.

However, the group of penguins behind wasn’t ready yet. So they had to come back and do it all over again.

The construction is expected to be completed next January. Let’s look forward to seeing them again in Chinese New Year!


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