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Find Out Why This Vendor of Turkish Ice Cream Is Giggling (Video)

This old man is playing along with the dondurma seller’s repertoire, and it’s pretty funny.

Dondurma means “freezing” in Turkish, and is the name for ice cream in Turkey. Vendors often tease customers by serving the ice cream cone on a stick, and then rotating it away just as the customer tries to take it, before finally giving it to them.

Used to being the one performing tricks on his customers, this seller in Taipei now has a challenger.

The vendor is winking at the buyer as usual. To his surprise, this old man isn’t shy at all and even dances along with rhythm of the music.

The pair’s antics make onlookers laugh out loud. And the video went viral on Facebook, getting over 1.2 million views within a few days.

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