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This Magician Explains the ‘Money Illusion’ (Video)

So how much spending power do you think you have? Not sure, then watch the magician in this video.

He has a few tricks up his sleeve and some good points about the real value of money and how it changes with time.

It’s a light hearted look at the affects of inflation and how it can weaken your paycheck.

He even has some good advice about renting versus buying a house.

If only I had some of his tips ten years ago!

So don’t let inflation and the money illusion beat you, get to know money’s reality. So watch the video, it’s a bit of a laugh as well and make sure you hang around for the outtakes at the end.

James Burke
What keeps the world ticking? James is always looking for the answer and the latest news from around the globe. When he's not behind his computer, he's basking in the Thailand sun, or dreaming of the southern hemisphere, where he grew up in rural Australia.

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