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Online Joke About ‘Smelly Fish and Rotten Shrimps’ Gets Harmonized

This ironic short story by a Chinese blogger was recently censored on Sina Weibo.

It’s about ex-security chief Zhou Yongkang who has just been formally arrested by the Chinese Communist Party for corruption. The image refers to the Mandarin idiom “Chou yu lan xia” which translates as “smelly fish and rotten shrimps,” meaning “rotten to the core.”

The joke goes like this… A truck driver said: “Appointing Zhou Yongkang as a Central Committee Politburo member and Standing Committee member yielded positive energy. His path from a peasant to an oil tycoon, Secretary of the Political and Legal Affairs Commission, and Minister of Public Security is inspiring.”

Then someone asked the driver: “But what about him being investigated and prosecuted?”

He replied: “That’s also a positive thing. It reflects the Communist Party’s determination and vigor against corruption.”

Next the person said: “What about who gave him the money? And who committed adultery with him? And why did the central discipline system fail to take action against him for so long?”

The man snapped back: “Now you are creating negative vibes!”

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