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Last Day of Occupy Central. Students Vow “We’ll be Back”

It may be the last day for Hong Kong students’ Occupy Central, but they say it is not last day for the Umbrella Movement.

Today Hong Kong police are starting to clear the site, arresting students and supporters.

Student leaders say they will continue their protest by adopting other non-violent methods.

On the last night of the protests, hundreds of thousands of people came to Admiralty to share their support for the students. Many stayed, knowing that the police would be clearing the space the following day, and that they would likely be arrested along with the students.

Students embraced each other, vowing “they will be back”, and that they will keep making their voices be heard, one way or another. Some took photos, others left messages on paper, others wrote on the ground. They say this is just the beginning and that it has been an “unforgettable night”.

Hundreds of thousands of people join to support on the last night of protest. (Image: Vision Times)
Hundreds of thousands join on the last night of the protest. (Image: Vision Times)

Popular Hong Kong actors and famous faces from the top of Hong Kong’s legal community, media representatives, and Legislative Council members joined local residents and the students for that final night, in what some say was the most memorable night of the HK Umbrella Movement.

A student show he's unarmed in front of police with riot gear in Hong Kong. (Image: Vision Times)
A student show he’s unarmed in front of police with riot gear in Hong Kong. (Image: Vision Times)

Colorful balloons with the slogan “We’ll be Back” took off into the air, past the big yellow sign of “We Want Universal Suffrage”. A peaceful message of balloons, banners, and umbrellas.

The message to the world is clear. You can clear the site, you can drive people away, but you can’t kill their spirit for freedom.

On December 11, the police began clearing the site, and arresting all who remained.

Monica Song
Born and bred in China, Mona keeps an ever watchful  eye the Chinese news headlines that are worth translating into English for Vision Times readers.

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