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Air Exec Loses Her Nut and Delays Flight from New York

Talk about a storm in a tea cup. A Korean Air executive ordered an Airbus A380 jumbo to return to a gate at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport so they could expel a crew member because she was inappropriately served nuts.

Correct protocol for serving nuts (in this case they were macadamias) should be via a plate but a flight attendant gave them to Korean Air executive Heather Cho in a plastic bag.

Seated in first class, Cho got so riled up she ordered the cabin crew chief off the plane, delaying the flight.

It might be Cho’s job to be responsible for in-flight services but the airline on Monday apologized for her behavior, saying her actions were ‘excessive”.

She is also the daughter of the airline’s chairman, Cho Yang-ho.

Forty-year-old Cho also released her own apology and following increased pressure she offered to resign from all of her positions with the airline late Wednesday.

I bet by now Cho wished she never heard of nuts.

James Burke
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