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Is Dennis Rodman Under Mind Control?

Dennis Rodman is calling out a lot of people. He’s criticizing Steve Kerr, Derek Fisher, and Carmelo Anthony. He’s hating on Seth Rogen, and James Franco.

Steve Kerr is having a great season as 1st year coach of the Warriors. Rodman isn’t impressed. Derek Fisher is having an awful season as 1st year coach of the Knicks. Rodman isn’t impressed. What impresses Rodman? Dictators.

He’s praising Vladimir Putin after coming back from a trip to Russia. Putin has been either the President or the Prime Minister of Russia for the past 15 years, and it isn’t a result of his popularity. He’s been seen tightening an autocratic reign year after year.

Rodman is known for sucking up to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. He’s been in North Korea as recently as January. Rodman likes having a dictator friend, and dictators seem to like Rodman. When they get criticized politically, they can always turn towards their clueless American friend for consolation before the next heinous political clampdown.

Is Dennis Rodman a mind-controlled political pawn?

And because Rodman feels he was the first to go and establish relations with North Korea, he’s hating on Seth Rogen and James Franco’s new film The Interview. The film is about an assassination attempt on Kim Jong-un. But that doesn’t seem to be what bothers him. He seems more bothered by not being in a film about North Korea, a country he credits himself for opening diplomatic relations with.


I wonder if Rodman isn’t under mind control. I wonder that they didn’t implant him with mind control chips in North Korea.

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