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Cowboy Takes Us on a Ride With Wild American Mustang Horses (Video)

Throw on your Stetson and your cowboy boots because this video is about to take you for a ride. As this modern day cowboy says,

‘They (horses) represent freedom…It’s a lost art and a forgotten part of our heritage.’


A genuine Texas cowboy out with his boys. (Screenshot/Youtube)

In 100 years with urban sprawl and land ownership there’s less and less wild horses to be found. Yet without horses where would we be? Explore this tradition with this cowboy and his kids in this video.

Watch this video only if you want to take an adventure riding and corralling wild mustangs on America’s frontier down in Texas.

“They were in awe, with that sound alone…it shook the ground,” Clay Nannini said, describing chasing a large heard of wild horses with his boys.


Mustang horses
Mustang horses at the Eco Ranch in Texas. (Screenshot/Youtube)

“In a land of enormous skies and majestic valleys, Mustang Monument Wild Horse Eco-Resort & Sanctuary is home to over 600 Wild American Mustangs.

Cowboy and family man, Clay, shares insight into the value of preserving the American Mustang while introducing his children to this icon of American history, and a legacy worth protecting,” writes HERO4: The Adventure of Life in 4K about this episode of the series.

Research and additional writing by Katy Mantyk

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