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What Do Hongkongers Think About Police? A Shop Worker’s View

As part of a series, we interviewed a retail assistant called Sophia, who works in the protest area in Admiralty, to find out her opinion of the Hong Kong police force.

What do you think about how the police have handled the protests in Hong Kong?

I think they’ve done their job, though there are some criticisms. When things are out of order, police will use some force to get them under control.

Police are working hard to keep order. It’s not easy to face this kind of situation, not easy for the police to stay calm in a chaotic situation and handle it properly. They’re stressed as well. That’s my personal view.

What was the most memorable thing for you about the police’s actions during the protests?

They’re professional and keep Hong Kong well-ordered even while the occupation carries on. The most impressive thing so far is that students are still in some places and there’s no crime, no shops have been broken into. 

Even though some violence has taken place, it’s still under control. So I think the situation with Hong Kong police is still better than what we see in China.

What should they have done differently, if anything?

The police have to follow their rules and regulations. They have to obey orders and that’s their job.

Another way is protesters should behave peacefully and not start any violence. Then police will not use violent action too. So they both need to deal with things peacefully for the future of Hong Kong.

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