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Meet The Man Who’s Helping Orphaned Gorillas in a Warzone (Video)

“The mountain gorillas contribute to peace around here,” says Andre Bauma, a caretaker of orphaned gorillas in a national park in the Democratic Republic of Congo – a country wracked by conflict.

Threatened by poachers and fighters, Andre and his fellow caretakers look after the gorillas until they’re old enough to be returned to the wild.

The above mini-documentary Gorillas in the Crossfire profiles  Andre’s work and the plight of the young gorillas.

Currently only 800 mountain gorillas remain in the wild.

More than 140 park rangers have been killed protecting the park that’s featured in the film. Over five million people have died in the Congo’s two decade long civil war.

Gorillas in the Crossfire was made by independent filmmakers who received grants from the Britdoc Foundation.

With its stunning visuals and moving story, it’s a film not easily forgotten.

James Burke
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