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OMG, What Are the Inuit Elders Warning NASA and the World About?

The Inuit are indigenous people who inhabit the arctic regions of Canada, the United States, and Greenland, and throughout history their very lives have depended on being able to correctly forecast weather… and they are warning NASA and the world that the extreme weather, earthquakes, and other catastrophic events the world is now experiencing are not being caused by global warming.

Inuit have warned NASA about Earth axis shift. (Image: Shari Gearheard, NSIDC)
Inuit have warned NASA about Earth axis shift. (Image: Shari Gearheard, NSIDC)

What they claim is the Earth has shifted, tilted, or as they put it “wobbled” to the north.

They all agree: ‘Their sky has changed.’

Inuit elders maintain the Sun doesn’t rise were it used to, they have longer daylight hours to hunt, and the Sun is higher than it used to be, warming up quicker than before.

They are adamant that the stars, the Sun, and the Moon have all changed, which is what is affecting the temperatures, and even affecting the way the wind blows.

It is becoming increasingly hard to predict the weather, something that is a must when you are living in the Arctic. All the elders agree the Earth has shifted.

In the article referenced in the video, it states that NASA scientists and experts are “worried” by the information the Inuit elders are providing them.

These are the types of extreme incidents the Inuit claim are caused by the Earth shifting its axis.

Here are further examples of such catastrophic events that are occurring right now.

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