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Endless Roads 2: Road Trip Around Spain With an All Girl Longboard Crew

Seven female riders squeezed in one Volkswagen van on a 15-day Spanish journey, that’s perfect—it’s as much about the road trip as it is the boarding.

Part 2 of an incredible road trip around Spain—7 girls, 15 days, 4,300 kilometers, 21 longboards, and a lot of fun!

“In this second chapter of the trip, the girls take the ferry and head to Mallorca, where they will be spending the next days traveling and skating the rocky island. New friends and local riders join the girls for this stage and some crazy downhill.”

Take 15 minutes to sit back and enjoy the ride. It’s all about freedom, exploring…and girls rock.

(If you want to do stuff like this, get good at something, and get sponsored).

Taking a break after some intense boarding, the crew headed to a gorgeous spot on the coast of Mallorca, Torrent de Pareis for a swim. (Screenshot/Youtube)

Long boarding some incredible roads in Mallorca, Spain. (Screenshot/Youtube)

Amazing mountains in Spain. (Screenshot)

Girls road trip
The crew. (Screenshot/Youtube)

Cruising Spain in the Volkswagen van. (Screenshot)

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