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Watch Skateboard Pro Danny Way Ollie Over the Great Wall of China

When he jumped over China’s iconic Great Wall in 2005, Danny Way broke the world skateboarding records for distance, speed, and quarter pipe height.

The Beijing Mega Ramp was about 120 feet high with a 75-feet roll-in, making it the largest skate structure ever built.

It was set up high above the Ju Yong Guan Gate to enable Way to become the first Great Wall jumper without motorized assistance. A mountain biker who tried to jump it in 2002 was killed in the process.

Describing the ramp, Way said: “It’s big. Really big. It’s definitely going to make me go a lot higher, a lot faster, and a lot further than I’ve ever been before…

“When I clear the wall and hit the landing ramp, I’ll be going close to 50 miles per hour… I’m going to hold on for dear life, do the biggest air I’ve ever done, and hope for the best…”

Way’s first attempt almost ended in disaster because he came off his board during the trial, and badly injured his ankle, although he did clear the 61-foot gap.

But the next day, he bravely went ahead with the stunt, and even did four more jumps that included 360 spins.

During the celebration ceremony, Way was apparently gifted a piece of the wall by the chief of the Ministry of Culture.


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