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Smell a Rat? Diner Scarred for Life After Finding Dead Rodent in Food

What’s the most disgusting meal you’ve ever had?

Mr. Zhang was with his family at the South Memory Hunanese restaurant in Shanghai on Nov. 22. when he found a dead rat in his dinner halfway through the meal.

According to on.cc, when Zhang told a waitress, she quickly took the dish away. But they had already taken photos as evidence.

The manager offered to give them a new meal, and 1,000 yuan ($163) in vouchers.

However, Zhang said this was unacceptable, and eventually they agreed to compensation of 20,000 yuan ($3,261) providing Zhang kept quiet on the matter.

But he reported the incident to the press anyway, so the restaurant refused to give him the money.

Then Zhang demanded 100,000 yuan ($16,303) instead, saying the vermin had caused psychological damage, and they all needed hospital tests in case it was diseased or poisoned.

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